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Giving you Hand for Delivery Service and Personal Protection


Online shopping collection and deliver to your indicated location in minutes. Support for e-commerce SMEs.


Pickup and delivery to clandestine order e.g order food or accessories for delivery to Hospital


Door to door delivery of small packages


Fast food order delivery to you at 99.99 percent requested time.


Customise private guards how and when you need self-protection

Private security and Delivery Service

 Online booking that works for your personal protection and schedule delivery 

Personal Protection Coverage

View all our protection services and categories, and decide what meet your need

This cover provides a manned guard for an individual, persons or family watch over surveillance. It includes the following categories: night club protection, personal leisure activity cover protection, VIP single cover, business ‘protectour’ and personal execlusive(executive exclusive).

This is suitable for couple and children school pick up, two or three friends or group needing protection. All the categories are children surveillance, family executive protection, residential security manning, political protection, entourage saefety and VIPALs(VIP principal) protection

If you are looking for a sophisticated pro guards that involves more than 5 or multiple independent bodyguards with international experience, smart and arm carrying provider to carter for such as  travel and tourism protection league and mass protection, group surveillance and quartet operatives.

Motion low that you need

for business tour protection

Kafterider Delivery Service

Explore all our delivery service either as  freelance delivery rider or customer. 

Simple method that delivers and maximises efficacy in handling your food delivery logistics for our partnering fast food or traditional cuisines restaurants.

This covers a delivery of small items that are scheduled for collection and pick up to a clandestine location for our clients.

Our riders pick up either food or edible items that you intend to share or give to another person in a house to house delivery.

You need to pick up food or document forgotten at home or in a place. We do pick and drop off for you.

A service design  to satisfy the need of customer who are in the hospital and fancy the delivery of special meal or need to deliver some possessions from one location to another for yourself or other person.

Restaurant Box

Here you can sign up and login to manage your food restaurant profiles. 

Add customised delivery request for our independent riders,  update menus on the web portal and advertise promo and discount.

Reserve table for yourself or an event

Our partnering food makers and restaurants can upload their adverts and available discount promos here.

Simple allow restaurant to request in real time order delivery for food delivery. Shows request history and feedback. 

Restaurant brand web-link and Apps can be accessed and downloaded on your mobile

personal protection

Freelance private guards that are either ex-service men and women  or licensed risk controller with many years of experience.

Delivery Courier

Smooth low cost delivery for your small items, collection and delivery schedule etc.


We house fleets of independent  dedicated and effectively food courier riders 

A fulfillment day at your finger tip

Need personal protection and quick delivery service? Book yourself freelance guard and delivery rider.

Our clients say

Easy to sign up and register as protection operative contractor like me, on their website. And I handle myself earnings and hourly rate from the booking service. Quite straight forward business.
James Ed
Personal Protection Contractor
A friend recommended Kafterwell online booking of personal protection guard. It looks new and innovative, I tried it and was thrilled how friendly and professional the operative that turned up. It was cheap too for the level of protection and the use of personal handheld alarm I was given.
Katie Mcguinnes
Guard Hirer
I was so fed up of not being able to go out alone after previous assault. Finally getting my confidence back. Thanks to Kafterwell close protection booking.It is affordable. I will surely recommend it.
Anne Sawyer
Guard Hirer
I used their itinerary delivery sometimes when I need to take food lunch food pack from home to my husband working place. Their cheap delivery is very helpful.
Jillie Tempest

Kafterwell - the freedom that you need
to book customise freelance service providers instantly.

The freelance that protects and saves you time.